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February 14, 2022

Life-Hack Your Day

Presented by Connie Missimer

Understanding chronobiology and its link to your productivity All humans—and virtually all animals—have an internal clock with attendant “best” and “worst” times to do various tasks. Decades of research have found ...

January 14, 2022

Introduction to Technical Product Management

Presented by Marily Nika

Concepts, tools, and frameworks to master the product lifecycle The product manager plays a key role in technical product development, but many within an organization are still unsure of the value ...

January 12, 2022

Survival Metrics for Product Teams

Presented by Adam Thomas

Making fast, politically safe, and data-informed change Product teams often know they should put on the brakes and execute a pivot when unanticipated contingencies arise, but they are often reluctant to ...

January 18, 20, 25 & 27, 2022

New Manager Bootcamp

Presented by Jennifer Stine, Julie Wilson

Essential skills for managing and leading people It takes more than industry know-how to successfully manage people and inspire them to reach their full potential. You’ve been successful in your previous ...

March 3, 2022

Understanding business strategy

Presented by Dr. Sharon Mertz

Drive competitive advantage with a clear strategy Strategy is not a new concept, but it has become an increasingly essential aspect of business success. This means strategy must be a critical ...

January 25, 2022

Case Study: How DataKind Walked Back a Project When Ethical Issues Arose

Presented by Afua Bruce, Rachel Wells

Discovering an incomplete data trail after investing time and resources Data scientists often set out to make a positive impact—generating insights upon which organizations can make decisions. A key aspect of ...

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How Slack rearchitected its system to achieve zero downtime and improve latency, reliability and availability

By Bing Wei

In 2016, Slack faced a problem: the load on its backend servers had increased by 1,000x. Bing Wei explains how rearchitecting the system with lazy loading, a publish/subscribe model, and an ...

Observability at Google

By Jaana B. Dogan

Google has been doing microservices observability for more than a decade. Jaana Burcu Dogan outlines key approaches in instrumenting Google's services, shares best practices and lessons learned related to patterns, UX, ...

How Spotify uses machine learning to personalize the user experience

By Mounia Lalmas

Understanding user listening behavior is essential for personalizing music listening experiences on Spotify. Mounia Lalmas explains how Spotify uses machine learning recommenders that take into account what and how users consume ...

How Lightstep Implemented Observability

By Daniel Spoons Spoonhower

Observability is a hot topic in software engineering, but how do we decouple what’s useful from the hype? This case study will examine how Lightstep engineering adopted new practices and tools, ...

How Microsoft does DevOps

By Martin Woodward

Expanding on the concepts from his keynote, Martin Woodward digs in behind the data and gives a technical summary of the steps Microsoft has taken in its journey to DevOps. Join ...

Case Study: How California State University used DataOps Principles to Build Data Pipelines for Rapid Deployment and Scalability

By Subash D'Souza

Though we have in the past depended on traditional data warehouses to drive business intelligence from data, they were generally based on databases and structured data formats and proved insufficient for ...