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February 3, 2022

Techniques of Visual Persuasion

Presented by Larry Jordan

You need action – why is no one listening? Here is the challenge: How do you explain a problem, or ask for funding, or create change when your audience has no ...

January 26, 2022

How to be a better mentor

Presented by Susan Schoenfeld

Increase retention, improve productivity, engage employees, and cultivate leadership Changing workforce demographics, increased diversity, and shifts in work-life balance demands have altered employee needs, expectations, and workplace relationships. Research shows that ...

February 14, 2022

Life-Hack Your Day

Presented by Connie Missimer

Understanding chronobiology and its link to your productivity All humans—and virtually all animals—have an internal clock with attendant “best” and “worst” times to do various tasks. Decades of research have found ...

February 16, 2022

Giving a powerful presentation

Presented by Susan Schoenfeld

Earn the respect of others, market yourself or your product, and get your message across People aren't born good public speakers. In fact, most people are afraid of—or at least uncomfortable ...

February 1, 2022

Managing Stress

Presented by Rick Adams

Practical stress management techniques for professionals and their managers Stress is a natural physiological phenomenon that occurs in all higher-order animals—including humans. In the natural world, undergoing stress can be highly ...

January 19, 2022

60 minutes to better email

Presented by Matt LeMay

Quick tips for better communication Are you struggling to dig yourself out from an ever-growing inbox? Is that inbox full of open-ended questions and “quick pings” that are difficult to prioritize ...