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January 27, 2022

Bias Detection in Machine Learning

Presented by Thomas Kopinski

It’s a common story: An unmonitored machine learning (ML) system results in an extremely undesirable negative impact on the intended task. The reason: bias, whether on the algorithmic level or in ...

January 12, 2022

Docker for Machine Learning Engineers

Presented by Jonathan Fernandes

One of the challenges when working in machine learning is the continuous stream of new libraries that are available and standardising the development environment for the team. Docker allows us to ...

February 7, 2022

Learn XGBoost for Machine Learning

Presented by Noureddin Sadawi

XGBoost is a powerful machine learning algorithm that is designed for speed and performance and rates along-side neural networks and deep learning models. Hence, it is being considered a new one-stop ...

May 16, 2022

Fundamentals of Learning: Learn faster and better using neuroscience

Presented by Connie Missimer

Learn faster and better using neuroscience Many of us feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge— and disinformation— we face daily. Currently there are over a dozen theories about how ...

March 18, 2022

Getting Started with Tensorflow.js

Presented by Brian Sletten

Machine Learning in the Browser Several trends in our industry are colliding and creating new opportunities while complicating our technology choices. The Web continues to be the major platform for deploying ...

March 8, 2022

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

Presented by Justin Frébault

Learn the foundation for using Machine Learning in Production with Azure Machine Learning In this 4-hour class, Justin Frébault walks you through Machine Learning fundamentals and gives you best practices for ...