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January 19 & 20, 2022

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Professional (SAP-C01) Bootcamp

Presented by Martijn van de Grift

Prepare for one of the industry’s most challenging certification exams From small and midsize businesses to enterprises, the ability to leverage cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) requires considerable knowledge ...

January 26, 2022

Mastering AWS Kinesis Data Streams

Presented by Anahit Pogosova

How to build a serverless data streaming pipeline on AWS at any scale Nowadays it’s all about data and how fast you can process it. Data can help you understand the ...

January 18, 2022

AWS Event-Driven Automation and Operations

Presented by Chad Smith

Real-World Automation Skills using AWS CloudWatch, Config, EventBridge, GuardDuty, and Firewall Manager One of the most powerful features of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem is the ability to automate based ...

January 18, 2022

Hands-on with AWS S3

Presented by Rick Crisci

A Practical AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Deep Dive Hands-on with AWS S3 is a four-hour intensive course that strictly focuses on AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) design and administration. You ...

January 31, 2022

Asynchronous JavaScript

Presented by Sahil Khosla

Learn to write efficient and elegant async code in JavaScript with callbacks, promises and async/await JavaScript has evolved exponentially over the last few years and doesn’t seem to stop. It can ...

February 10, 2022

Kubernetes on AWS

Presented by Vallard Benincosa

Using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service This training is a quick way for you to understand how to best run applications on Kubernetes using the AWS EKS service. The Kubernetes platform allows ...